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When it comes to traditional keys, managing several of them could pose a problem. There’s more expense maintaining numerous keys, and another issue could be that some keys may get misplaced or duplicated without your consent. These will increase your security costs and affect the quality of your home or business security. 

For such problems not to happen, we at Carnegie Hill Lock & Safe Co. can help install access control systems as part of your running business. With our locksmith Manhattan service, you’ll know precisely who is granted access to your property, securing your premises and assets at all times. 

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Carnegie Hill Lock & Safe Co. is fully-equipped with lock installation, lock repairs, and lock upgrades to elevate the security level in your area. Our goal is to let you run your business with excellent security in place. Carnegie Hill Lock & Safe Co. is fully-equipped with lock installation, lock repairs, and lock upgrades to elevate the security level in your area. Our goal is to let you run your business with excellent security in place.

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While the most common way to protect buildings is with locks and keys, more sophisticated systems are available in the market. Access control involves controlling who can enter certain parts within your premises, and at what time. Instead of just plain lock and key, access control secures your area electronically, ensuring that readers and keypads are used in place of mechanical locks and keys. 


Here are essential benefits to switching to access control systems:


  • Keeping security convenient – no fiddling with keys anymore for you and your staff, and no risk of losing or breaking the keys.
  • Flexibility – the property owner can control the access of each staff, basically permitting who goes where and at what time of the day they can access the area.
  • Security boosting – because there is no risk of duplicating keys, faking electronic codes, or duplicating biometric info, your business can only be accessed by authorized personnel.
  • 24-hour protection – access control is always at work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Energy-saving – there are available options for energy-saving measures, which will benefit your power bill and also the environment.
  • Event recording – access control systems can record and report who has accessed the premises and when.
  • Enable linking with other security systems – access control can be linked with your CCTV and fire alarm systems.
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The biggest advantage is you can control the Who, When, and Where of access in your home or office. This is especially helpful for businesses, where personnel could change, and there are different roles assigned to each staff member. With our locksmith Manhattan access control options, your staff can use PINs, proximity cards, RFID, a fob, or biometric system to gain entry. 

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Let Our Locksmiths Install the Best Access Control System

Our locksmith service here in New York County, New York, and Carnegie Hill, New York understand first-hand how tighter security can make all the difference with your peace of mind. That’s why we offer a wide array of residential locksmith and commercial locksmith services to boost your property’s security.


One of the best approaches to securing your place is via access control. These systems keep everything smooth and allows for tighter security. Access control can benefit premises in high-traffic areas, such as offices, hotels, and retail stores. 


If you’re looking for a locksmith Manhattan service, Carnegie Hill Lock & Safe Co. is ready to assist you. We have been in the business of lock and security for decades. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to give businesses the best access control and security system.  


Let our locksmiths quote, install, and perform the necessary access control upgrades on your property. Get in touch with us today!

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